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Maternity and Childbirth at Baptist Golden Triangle

Women’s Health Services at Baptist Golden Triangle

Having a Baby at Baptist

Having a baby can be one of the most wonderful times in a woman's life. Whether you are expecting your first baby or are adding to your growing family, we’re here to help you have the smoothest pregnancy, labor and delivery possible.

At Baptist, you’ll have a dedicated health care team from the moment you arrive. On staff are a number of board-certified OB/GYNs and experienced, well-trained nurses who will manage your health – and the health of your baby – during your pregnancy and throughout labor and delivery.

The Plan That’s Best

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you should begin planning right away. The best plan for you and your baby is one that will help both Mom and baby have a safe, healthy delivery and recovery. According to March of Dimes, staying pregnant for at least 39 weeks, unless there is a medical reason not to, gives your baby the best start for not only birth, but also for future development. Here’s why your baby needs at least 39 weeks:

  • Important organs, like the brain, lungs and liver, get the time they need to develop.
  • Your baby will have a more mature nervous system to experience the new world around them.
  • Your baby has time to gain more weight in the womb. Babies born at a healthy weight have an easier time staying warm than babies born too small.
  • Your baby can suck and swallow and stay awake long enough to eat. Babies born early sometimes can't do these things.
  • Unless it is recommended by your doctor, scheduling to deliver your baby early, by inducing labor or planning a C-section, is not encouraged at Baptist.

Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Care

The board-certified specialists in maternal fetal medicine (perinatology) work with a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary health care team, including:

  • Board-certified obstetricians
  • Pediatricians
  • Dedicated respiratory therapists
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program-certified registered nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • OB-certified nurses
  • Certified lactation consultants
  • Case managers
  • Social workers
  • Staff chaplain

Labor, Delivery and Recovery and the Mother/Baby Unit

When the day comes for your baby to arrive, you will be admitted to one of our labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) rooms. Each room is beautifully designed and technologically advanced, with comfortable furnishings and the medical equipment necessary for your and your baby's safety. The rooms are large enough to accommodate you and your family and equipped with a TV and other conveniences to help you relax and be as comfortable as possible.

For uncomplicated, vaginal deliveries, you'll stay in the same LDR room throughout your labor, delivery and recovery. Should your physician determine that a C-section is advisable, the C-section suites are immediately accessible on the same floor.

In every case, you and your baby will have access to the full services of Baptist Golden Triangle’s comprehensive medical facilities. Experienced physicians in more than 100 specialties and sub-specialties serve on the hospital staff, including board-certified obstructions and pediatricians. Special care level II nursery and adult intensive care units located in the hospital offer additional medical resources should they be required.

After your baby's birth, you will transition to our mother/baby unit to relax, recover and get to know the newest member of your family. All our mother/baby rooms have flat screen TVs, comfortable furnishings including a sofa, rocking chair and recliner that will lay flat for optimal comfort.

The nurses on the mother/baby unit are specially trained in the care of new moms and newborns. You and your baby will be assigned two nurses, one who specializes in maternal postpartum care and another who specializes in newborns. We have special safety measures are in place for your and your baby’s security.

Quiet Time

In order to facilitate rest and bonding, we have quiet time each afternoon from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. During this time, we promote rest by dimming the lights, decreasing noise, limiting medical procedures, and discouraging visitors.

Maternal Transport Program

The Maternal Transport Program at Baptist Golden Triangle provides safe and convenient transportation throughout Mississippi and surrounding states for expectant mothers with a high-risk pregnancy or needing special or urgent care. Your maternal-fetal medicine specialist may determine if you can safely deliver at Baptist Golden Triangle, or whether you need to deliver in a high-risk center.

OB Emergency Department

When you are pregnant, all medical problems—even those not directly related to pregnancy—have to be treated with both mom and baby in mind. It can be scary when you develop symptoms during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor. He or she will tell you if you should come to the hospital.

When the symptoms or emergency present potentially life-threatening conditions, such as blood clots, injuries from an automobile accident or medical conditions requiring care from multiple physicians, you will often receive care in the main Emergency Department. The Emergency room physician will be in contact with your OB/GYN while caring for you. Once you are stable or in active labor, you will be transferred to the labor and delivery department where your OB/GYN will be present.

Focus on Quality Care

Women’s health services at Baptist Golden Triangle is recognized as a Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Distinction® Centers+ for Maternity Care demonstrate expertise and a commitment to quality care for vaginal and cesarean section deliveries. These centers demonstrate better overall patient satisfaction and a lower percentage of early elective deliveries.

Women’s health services has also been awarded Baby-Friendly Designation for upholding the highest standards of infant feeding care. Baby-Friendly practices are designed to optimize mother-baby bonding and to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the first few days of a new baby’s life. A Baby-Friendly designation means that this facility has successfully implemented the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, which include providing appropriate education to enable families to make informed decisions about infant feeding, encouraging mothers to hold their babies skin-to-skin immediately following birth, and offering expert lactation support throughout and beyond the hospital stay.

Baptist Golden Triangle is an active participant in the Mississippi Perinatal Quality Collaborative (MSPQC). MSPQC is a statewide partnership that aims to promote evidence-based quality improvement initiatives at the hospital and community level to improve birth outcomes across Mississippi. The Mississippi Perinatal Quality Collaborative has recognized Baptist Golden Triangle as a gold star facility for excellence in Obstetric Hypertension and Hemorrhage care (2020).