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New Parent Resources

The care you receive at Baptist Golden Triangle does not end when you go home with your child. We have a host of resources and support programs available to help you manage the life changes that come with a new child, and ease your concerns about motherhood.

New Mom Education

After your new baby arrives, the nurses on the mother/baby unit will assist you with questions about taking care of your baby. These nurses will go over infant feeding and a range of safety instructions. Before you leave the hospital with your baby, you will get additional instruction on how to take care of yourself, too. Our nursing staff wants to help you feel confident in your new role as a parent before you and your baby go home.

Breastfeeding Support, Education and Supplies

Proper education and a good support system are essential for a positive, rewarding breastfeeding experience. Our breastfeeding class, offered to women delivering at Baptist through YoMingo®, is a great place to start. An internationally board-certified lactation consultant will share information, suggestions and tips for breastfeeding, and is available to you as needed after delivery for one-on-one support. Also, your nurse can provide you with information about medical equipment companies that offer breast pump rentals and other breastfeeding products.

Car Seat Safety

As you plan for your baby's arrival, perhaps the most important consideration is how to keep your little one protected. That important job begins when you place your precious infant in the car for the first ride home. In keeping with Mississippi state law, your baby must be placed in an approved, properly-installed infant car seat before leaving the hospital.

Because vehicles and infant car seat styles vary, figuring out how to position and install your infant car seat securely may not be easy. We encourage you to learn proper car seat installation BEFORE mom and baby are discharged from the hospital. It’s to your advantage to plan well ahead.