Community Classes & Support Groups

Baptist's mission to heal, preach and teach means we strive to support our patients and communities in ways that go beyond medicine. We offer classes and support groups at all our facilities that inform, educate and help with life's most significant changes.

Community Classes and Events

Our community classes focus on all aspects of healthy living—weight loss, nutrition, exercise and ways to change bad habits. We also have events for seniors. View events.

Support Groups

Aging, death, disease and sudden injury and illness are things that can turn life upside down. Baptist wants you to know you are not alone. We offer not just spiritual and moral support, but expert counseling as well to those coping with difficult decisions and life changes. View events.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

At Baptist, childbirth is a Beautiful Beginning. We offer support with prenatal care, prepare you for childbirth and all that comes after, and can even help siblings and grandparents learn to offer the right support. View events.