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Women's Health App

Choose to Be

Living your best life isn’t always easy. But with the right information, motivation and achievable goals, your best life is right before you. That’s why Baptist Women’s Hospital created the Choose to Be app for women. Designed by the medical and lifestyle experts at Baptist Women’s Hospital, the Choose to Be app gives you the knowledge and power to help you make the right choices for a healthy, active and productive lifestyle for every stage of life.

Choose to Be Your Best

The Choose to Be app also provides fun insight on what women can do to feel healthier, more energetic and mentally sharper. Get great dietary tips, stress management tools and ideas, self-breast care examination education, preventative care ideas including vaccines and screenings, and fertility guidance and enhancement techniques.

Choose to be healthy. Choose to be informed. Choose to be your best you. Download the free Choose to Be app today!

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Simple and Powerful

Using relevant content and helpful graphics, the app provides valuable information to help women navigate health issues and learn about their bodies from pre-adolescence through menopause, and beyond.

Useful Information for Every Stage of Life

The Choose to Be app is arranged intuitively so finding your topic of concern is as easy as a couple of taps, allowing you to get the information you are looking for at whatever stage of life you are in.

From your teens through your 20s – Learn about your menstrual cycle or what to expect from your first gynecologist appointment; how to manage stress in high school, college and as you begin your first job; get healthy eating tips to help you manage your weight and feel energized.

From your 20s through your 30s – Take advantage of useful resources for family planning and fertility awareness; proper prenatal care and what to expect in pregnancy; high-risk pregnancies and fetal health; understand your breast health and what to expect for your first mammogram.

From your 40s through your 70s – Identify and understand the health risks that affect older women, including heart risks, bone density/osteoporosis risks, breast cancer risks, hysterectomy, menopause and pelvic & urinary disorders, and take preventative steps to stay healthy.