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Universal Parenting Place

No judgment here. Just help.

No two days are the same when raising a family. Every parent, though, eventually faces a challenge with his or her child. You’re not alone on that difficult road. It’s a fact of life that comes with parenting and raising a family.

Parenting with Support

Every parent eventually experiences challenges with their children. It's a fact of life that comes with parenting and raising a family. Universal Parenting Places are based on the books and policy work of Robin Karr-Morse, an author, therapist and Executive Director of The Parenting Institute. At UPP, our team provides:

  • Individual and couples counseling to provide support for parenting goals.
  • An ongoing series of anticipatory guidance appointments for parents who are expecting a child or parenting a new baby or young child.
  • Parent groups focusing on child development, constructive discipline, adult self-care and more.
  • Resources and referrals to local treatment and educational agencies and individuals.

Why here in the Mid-South?

In 2015, the first two Universal Parenting Place (UPP) sites in the U.S. opened in Memphis, bringing Mid-South parents a free, powerful resource. Located at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and Knowledge Quest, the UPP is designed specifically to offer parents information, tools and support in an open, judgment-free atmosphere.

Small issues in childhood can become larger problems in adulthood if not addressed early on. Data from a 2014 ACE (Adverse Child Experiences) Study in Shelby County indicates that those in our community have been severely affected by adverse childhood experiences like emotional or physical abuse, addiction, mental illness or the loss of a parent through divorce, separation, death or desertion.

Fifty-two percent of Shelby County residents reported having at least one adverse childhood experience, regardless of family income, education, religion or ethnic background.

When a Child Struggles

Sometimes, an adverse event can cause extreme reactions that leave a parent feeling helpless. If a child is struggling at home or school leaving a parent particularly challenged, our licensed professional counselors can help. Common reasons may be divorce, blended family, family conflict bullying by peers, school adjustment issues, new baby, grandparents raising grandchildren and even depression.

Individual and Couples Counseling

It's natural to have challenges when raising children. The UPP offers individual and couples counseling to help clients better understand child development, how to provide positive discipline, and how to cope with family related stress. Clients are seen for issues such as welcoming a new baby, divorce and co-parenting, as well as parenting all age groups from infants to teens. Parents, grandparents, and those who have custody of a child are welcome to receive counseling services at the UPP.

Get Connected to UPP

UPP at Baptist Women's also hosts many informative, free events/classes for parents. For more information either about classes or UPP in general, please call 901-227-9558. An additional UPP location is with our community partner, Knowledge Quest, you can reach them at 901-207-3694.

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ACEs are common. Talking about them isn't.

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